Ethics. Principles.

We aim to help you become self-sufficient

We believe we have failed if our clients become wholly dependent upon us to manage their workplace safety. Our consultants are professional and efficient and we aim to help managers and supervisors develop the 'in-house' skills to manage health and safety. We are always available to advise, counsel or mentor.

We are competent

There are many health and safety Consultancies in the marketplace. We understand your confusion; should you choose a consultancy which focuses on solid post tertiary qualifications or one which employs consultants with wide and long industry experience? If you choose to work with ASI, you don't have to choose as we have consultants with relevant industry experience who can provide you with real on-thejob solutions and our qualifications ensure that we drive a structured and systematic approach to safety management grounded in evidence-backed solutions.

You have the steering wheel at all times

You may not be comfortable or have any experience in working with external consultants. You may not be keen to "exposing" your problems to "externals." Some managers may feel that they lose authority and control. At ASI we recognise the human dimension of Organisational Change and therefore, we will maintain open, on-going communication during our contract to ensure you are aware and briefed about the work we are doing. We provide concise and timely information that allows you to keep control of safety and make all the key decisions needed to achieve safety outcomes. We respond to your needs.

We understand the need for Confidentiality

Since our services include Incident Investigations, Risk Assessments and Auditing, our consultants will examine sensitive areas of your business to assist you to better manage safety and to improve legal compliance. For ASI Safety, this places us in a position of trust and without this; we cannot work effectively with you. You can be assured, that our consultants maintain the highest levels of confidentiality. We do not disclose client details without their permission. Our client files are managed through secure network protocols.

We won't use "cookie cutter solutions"

No two businesses are alike, even in the same industry. Businesses have different cultures, different leadership styles and will be at different stages in the way they manage their safety. The ASI Safety approach is to carefully diagnose the problems with our clients and customise solutions rather than using an "off the shelf solution" or manual where you fill in your name in the blank spaces. Because of our strong consultancy team, we can respond to and assess your needs and implement programs effectively.

Important first steps with you as a client

At ASI Safety, we will fully discuss and then scope your needs; check that we have the resources available to meet the scope of works to the required standard and then provide you with written proposal. Once all the parties are clear on expectations, timeframes and deliverables, we can proceed. We are a Registered Australian Company (ABN: 93 147 802 999) and carry full Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation Insurance.