It is the responsibility of organisations to ensure they are aware of any health risks workers may be exposed to. One of the main risks in many workplaces is the exposure to noise. ASI Safety can undertake measurements of personal exposure to noise emissions by using calibrated noise dosimeters by securing the dosimeter microphone as near as practicable to the employee’s ear over the monitoring period. The dosimeters are calibrated at the commencement and completion of the monitoring period, which is typically between ten (10) and twelve (12) hours duration.

Measurement of noise emissions from machinery, equipment and specific tasks at the site are undertaken to assess ambient noise levels in each area of concern. Short-term instantaneous noise measurements are also undertaken in order to determine the 85 and 80dB (A) noise contour around processing areas at the site.


We can facilitate the effective monitoring, and regular audiometric testing, of workers who are at risk of exposure to hazardous noise in the workplace on behalf of our clients to comply with current legislation and also to ensure the effectiveness of personal hearing protectors to prevent hearing loss and that changes in hearing levels over time will be thoroughly investigated as to the cause and the need for prevention.


ASI Safety can assist in ensuring your emergency and exit sign lights are working by performing regular testing and maintenance. Testing exit and emergency lighting is the only way to minimise the risk of faulty exit lights in an emergency situation.


Illumination levels can have an adverse impact on employee health and productivity and workplace health and safety.

ASI Safety have conducted lighting assessments across many industries including mining, manufacturing, food processing and offices. Illumination assessments are carried out by qualified professionals measuring the ‘lux’ or ‘illuminance’ of a site and comparing the results to determine compliance with the recommended levels in Australian Standard 1680.1. Interior Lighting.


ASI Safety can facilitate an Asbestos Inspection or Asbestos Survey for your site. The purpose of an Asbestos Materials Report and Register is to identify the location, type and condition of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) on site, to understand and document potential risks associated with the ACM’s and finally, to meet current legislative compliance. It is also a document that provides a simple method for employees and contractors to understand the risks before any building work or maintenance is undertaken on the property.


ASI Safety can provide an Asbestos Management Plan providing information, advice and management strategies in order to effectively manage foreseeable asbestos issues that may arise from asbestos containing materials on site.

The Asbestos Management Plan will detail the roles and responsibilities of management, staff, and contracting personnel working for our clients.