Construction is recognised nationally as a high risk industry with an elevated risk of severe injury and occupational illness due to the range and complexity of exposure to hazards. The industry is vertically integrated and consists of complex contractual relationships between construction companies, contractors and suppliers. The economics of the industry depends on managing the increasingly complex contractual relationships.

Contract prequalification, as part of supply chain management, is becoming more complex and focussed on safety. It is increasingly common for construction companies to provide evidence of a compliant Safety Management System in order to secure contracts. Managers and HR staff often need assistance to understand “how to comply” and the practical expertise to reduce the risk and costs of injury

As a high risk industry it is increasingly subject to scrutiny by Regulatory Agencies and the need to adopt higher standards in due diligence, Environmental Protection and Safety Management.

Under the Nationally Harmonised Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations, construction employers, including small contractors are faced with the task of implementing requirements for Construction, Demolition, Excavation, Safe Design of Structures and Preventing Falls. In addition, Site Safety Plans are becoming a more stringent requirement.

Managers and HR staff need assistance to implement programs to reduce the risk and costs of injury. ASI can help with the identification and assessment of risks, the implementation and monitoring of effective, practical risk controls.

We have provided specialised services to the Construction industry

ASI were engaged to provide services to a medium sized construction company who offer contracted building services in a variety of major building sites.

Case study 1

We were originally contacted because the owners were concerned that they would not comply with the health and safety legislation and our consultant worked closely with management and key employees to set up a compliant Safety Management System and associated processes.

The range of services included:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Implementing and monitoring risk controls
  • Developing procedures for high risk work including excavation work and steel erection
  • Conducting site inspections
  • Improving consultation with key internal and external stakeholders to meet organisational objectives.

As a result the client:

  • achieved accreditation to AS4801
  • was able to win significant interstate contracts by meeting pre-qualification requirements.

ASI continues to support this client with the management of the Safety Management System by conducting regular workplace inspections and audits to monitor and verify compliance.

Case study 2

ASI was called in to support a small concreting business that specialised in warehouse construction. The problem that the employer faced in growing the business and winning new contracts was demonstrating a suitable Safety Management System.

Our consultant worked with the small employer to:

  • develop the Safety Management System
  • design simple tools to assist with the management of the system
  • provide information and coaching to the small management team
  • developing Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • conduct inductions and toolbox meetings

As a result, the client met prequalification requirements and won a lucrative contract on a large mining construction site.