Safety and health issues

Work in government is broad and can vary from healthcare, education, family services, policing to administrative and policy work.

The government sector is generally aware of the importance of work-related ill health and the need for robust Safety Management Systems.

Many of the challenges in this sector do not simply relate to high injury or ill health rates, but arise from issues such as:

  • Balancing operational imperatives with safety responsibilities
  • Application of health and safety legislation to service users

Our experience in Government

As Crown agencies need to meet the requirements outlined in national and state based performance standards including self insurance performance standards. ASI has worked within a number of these agencies to improve their overall performance. This has included;

  • System analysis and the identification of non-conformances and deficiencies
  • Developing practical solutions to manage non-conformances. Solutions that are pragmatic and accepted by stakeholders.
  • Establishing internal audit programs
  • Reviewing and developing policies and procedures
  • Assisting with critical incident investigations and analyses
  • Improving Plant Safety Management.

Our government clients have improved their performance through the implementation of effective prevention programs.

Our consultants are respected for their ability to provide clarity in interpreting the legal requirements enshrined in the Safety Legislation.

Our approach proceeds from listening to our clients and understanding the unique cultural challenges and strategic frameworks that operate in government agencies.