Mining is a physically demanding industry where employees are liable to injury and disease. The lifecycle of mining consists of exploration, mine development, mine operation, decommissioning and land rehabilitation. Increasingly Regulators are imposing tighter health and safety and Environmental requirements on mine operators. These impact small operators as they do not have the internal safety resources available to the 'big players'. ASI Safety can help you manage the requirements under the new mine safety regulations.

ASI Safety is also experienced in the hands on management of the hazards and risks in mining and quarrying. The hazards in the industry depend on the type of mining, but include:

  • Physical hazards
  • Chemical hazards
  • Working in isolation hazards
  • Ergonomic hazards
  • Vehicle or Equipment Collisions or Crushing
  • Electrical hazards

Our experience in the Mining and Quarrying industry

Client 1: Our ASI consultant has worked with this sand and quartzite quarry since 2007, to help establish a safety management system and help manage issues identified by the safety Regulator.

We worked closely with supervisors and the H&S Representative and secured their commitment to a 'team approach' to improving safety.

As a result, the quarry has introduced Business Management Processes inclusive of safety, risk assessments and regular management safety meetings. As a result of this and critical incident investigations, the relationship with the Regulator has improved.

Client 2: ASI was invited to assist this very small dolomite quarry, employing 15 people. We commenced with simple training sessions which assisted all levels of the organisation to understand their responsibilities and the processes of safety improvement.

Over time, the client introduced:

  • Risk assessments and SOPs
  • Business safety plans
  • Schedules of inspection
  • New loading procedures as a result of a critical incident investigation.
  • Safety training programs.

The most notable outcome for this client was our support for the management team in building of a positive safety culture.

For both clients, ASI assistance was critical to developing the required Mine Safety Management Plans, Hazard Management Plans, Emergencey Management Plans and Traffic Management Plans.