The services sector of the economy is broad and includes: community services, health and aged care and retail services.

Most workplace injuries in the services sector occur as a result of everyday interactions with clients.

By far the most common risk faced by services workers is manual handling, with sprains, strains and other musculoskeletal disorders. Slips and falls are also very common events.

In addition to services provided in purpose-built facilities, many community services are provided either out in the community or in a client's home. These different workplace environments, along with the fact that client services staff often work alone, can increase the risks to health and safety

Injuries in the health and aged care sector, predominantly due to patient handling, are a major safety issue.

For employers in this sector, these injuries can lead to workers' compensation claims and higher costs, and can diminish workplace morale and productivity.

Our experience in the Services sector

A recent client was a large multi-location Aged Care provider who required assistance in managing audit non-conformances. The range of services we provided included:

  • ensuring alignment of health and safety requirements within business systems- ensuring no gaps between operational and safety requirements.
  • improving Building Procurement and Contractor Management systems
  • developing health and safety Planning tools
  • mentoring and coaching leaders and Executives
  • supporting in house health and safety staff
  • providing guidance to health and safety Committees
  • liaising on behalf of the client with regulatory and insurance agencies

As a result, our client improved performance in these key areas and were able to close out their non-conformances.