Why does ASI Safety have a separate page for Small Business?

At ASI Safety we understand the challenges that small business owners and managers face; trying to juggle all the aspects of managing a business in a complex regulatory environment, without the time, resources or people that larger businesses have. At the same time small business owners must always focus on efficiency, costs and quality, whilst also considering the safety of employees.

We understand that an injury to a business operator or a key staff member can cripple a small business.

We have a wide range of health and safety consultancy & audit services for small to medium size enterprises, ranging from small one-off jobs to longer consultancy services.

Our consultants have experience working with small and micro employers in a range of industries including transport, construction and the service sector.

The benefits of working with ASI as your competent consultant include:

  • Named contacts and an account manager.
  • No call centres and remote advisers - we work with you to understand and support your business.
  • Peace of mind for directors and owner managers that your legal compliance is being professionally addressed.
  • No long term contracts. Pay as you go or split costs with other small business to help your cash flow.
  • Tailored documents for your business to cover your specific risks, no generic manuals and meaningless forms.
  • Same day phone and email response, plus agreed 'one on one' time to support you and your team.

How do we work with small businesses?

  • Our small business support program ASI Small Business Safety Support can be tailored for individual businesses or for groups of business through their associations or regional groups.
  • Our model is based on years of successful experience of providing small business consultancy services in transport, food, motor trades, building and construction and plastics manufacturing.
  • The safety system is based on the same standards that apply to larger businesses, but is delivered in plain language and in a 'bite size' that small businesses can manage.

What does our service look like?

Step Small Business Safety Support Process
1 We have an initial meeting to understand your business and your safety concerns. We discuss and explore how to help you and then we agree about those services. This will include discussion of any additional requirements due to the nature of any high risk activities. At this point - we will assist you to identify a person within the organisation who will be responsible for managing safety for the duration of the program.
2 Your ASI Consultant will run a briefing session for key staff on safety roles and responsibilities and safety activities, to build commitment to the program.
3 We in spect your workplace and examine current practices to identify major risks. The Consultant will then provide you with a simple but comprehensive Report including assessment of risks and an Action Plan, including priorities and timeframes.
4 We can further assess high risk tasks.
5 Our Consultant will assist with assessing high risk tasks and developing Safe Operating Procedures and then train employees in those SOPs.
6 You will receive direct monthly contact visits to support you to implement the Action Plan.
7 On your direction, ASI will audit your safety systems and provide a Safety Systems Action Plan to ensure that your safety activities is sustainable.
8 We can offer mini training sessions for staff covering such hazards as working with chemicals and manual tasks.
9 On your direction the Consultant will offer 6 monthly inspections.
10 Direct contact visits to support implementation of the Safety Systems Action Plan including attending important management or safety committee meetings.
11 We will assist with any Major incident investigation and liaise with the Regulator.