Asbestos register and management plan

ASI can conduct an Asbestos Inspection or Asbestos Survey for your business and all your sites anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. The detailed Asbestos Materials Report and Register will identify the location, type and condition of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) on site, documenting the potential risks associated with the ACM’s,. It is also a document that provides a simple method for employees and contractors to understand the risks before any building work or maintenance is undertaken on the property.

Included with the register is a plan which provides information, advice and management strategies in order to effectively manage foreseeable asbestos issues that may arise from asbestos containing materials on site.

Asbestos Removal Management

Managing over 500 sites across Australia and New Zealand, the ASI Asbestos team is a fully qualified to manage all your asbestos removal requirements.

ASI ensures that all asbestos removal and disposal is conducted in a fully compliant manner, giving full confidence in the process. From selecting the most suitable asbestos removalist, management of the Asbestos Removal Control Plan including all legislative requirements and notifications, to the provision of onsite air-monitoring where legally required or in high sensitive areas.

Asbestos Air Monitoring

With fully licensed Asbestos Assessors, ASI can conduct air monitoring, conduct clearance inspections and issue clearance certificates for all Class A asbestos removalist work. As either part of our Asbestos Removal Management or as a standalone service, we ensure that air monitoring is conducted in accordance with all legislative requirements.