ASI Health And Safety

ASI believes that the health and safety of workers is a common right for all. The correct management of health and safety risk in a business provides protection for all workers and leads to a more productive workplace.

With over 15 years’ experience in health and safety management the ASI health and safety team are highly skilled in helping businesses with their health and safety performance. We approach the management of health and safety in all inputs to a business’ operations through work processes and procedures, the work environment, equipment, technology and people.

If your desire is to ensure that you are legally compliant with health and safety legislation, or you would like to become accredited to Australian (AS4801) or International standards (OHSAS18001 / ISO45001) in health and safety management we have the systems and support services to make it happen.


Planning, resourcing and document management

ASI can provide support for not only the development but the implementation and ongoing management of your management system.

If you require a part time health and safety professional or administration support in document and record management we can provide it.

From business management system planning or specific project health and safety plan for construction, oil & gas or mining, ASI have the experience to develop plans that will meet legislative requirements and satisfy your customer’s needs.

ASI partners with management system software providers, which can ensure that all documentation and records from your system are always secure and readily available for use, no matter where your workers are.

Organisation context and policies

ASI has many years' experience in establishing management systems that meet the requirements of Australian and International standards that are suited to the individual organisations we work with.

We ensure that in preparing or reviewing policies, they align with legislative requirements, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

Operational risk assessment and control

The most critical component of health and safety legislation is being able to demonstrate that businesses have identified and controlled the risks in their business in a reasonable manner.

At ASI we pride ourselves in being able to provide comprehensive and practical tools to demonstrate that risk management has been conducted to meet the requirements of legislation

We provide SWMS, safe operating procedures, risk assessment registers, plant / task risk assessments, training matrix development, contractor management, purchasing controls for health and safety, workplace inspections and work environment monitoring.

Emergency and incident management

Even with the best prepared management systems and practices things can still happen outside of our control leading to incidents and emergencies.

ASI can assist in the development and testing of emergency and incident management procedures based on your organisational risk.

We also provide incident management services which include:

  • - Injury management and return to work coordination, by qualified and competent Return to Work consultants
  • - Incident investigation as either independent or leading an joint team with your staff, we can provide a planned, systematic and unbiased manner designed to not apportion blame, but to discover what happened and to establish the root causes.

Performance evaluation and auditing

ASI Safety can provide you with a qualified, experienced and accredited Safety Auditor or Auditing Team to assist you to meet accreditation requirements. These may include auditing against a recognised health and safety audit standard such as AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001, Self-Insurer’s standards, Legal Compliance or Government Safety requirements (e.g Safety in the Public Sector).

As an alternative, our consultants can assist your organisation to develop or improve your existing health and safety audit tools and processes, a specific safety program or to “transfer skills” to your internal audit team.


Noise measurement and assessment

One of the main risks in many workplaces is the exposure to noise. ASI Safety can undertake measurements of personal exposure to noise emissions using calibrated measuring equipment. This monitoring can provide you with the confidence that appropriate controls have been identified and implemented to manage noise in your work environment.

ASI provide the following plant and workplace inspections:
  • Manual Handling
  • Physical and Biological Hazards
  • Employee and Contractor Safety Performance
  • Hazardous Chemicals
ASI provide the following plant and workplace inspections:
  • High Risk Hazards
  • Confined Spaces
  • Working at Heights
ASI provide the following plant and workplace inspections:
  • Plant Safety and Guarding
  • Fire Safety & Emergency
  • Access & Egress
Atmospheric testing

Under legislation organisations must be aware of potential exposures to harmful levels of dust, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, asbestos, heavy metals, etc. If you are unsure of what is in your work environments ASI provide onsite testing services that provide you with lab tested results to ensure that you have complete certainty to what your workers are exposed to and at what levels.

Lighting assessment

Illumination levels can have an adverse impact on employee health and productivity and workplace health and safety. ASI conducts lighting assessments in any industry setting including mining, manufacturing, food processing and offices. All measurements are taken by qualified professionals and determine compliance with the recommended levels in Australian Standard 1680.1 Interior Lighting.

Electrical test and tag

ASI can provide fully certified test and tag technicians to help you meet the requirements of AS/NZS 3760, and ensure the ongoing maintenance of your test and tag compliance schedule.

Emergency planning and exercise drills

In an emergency the way to make sure that the response is adequate is to have a well understood and rehearsed set of emergency procedures and functioning emergency response equipment.

ASI can develop and coordinate emergency management plans and exercises and ensuring your emergency equipment is functional by performing regular testing and maintenance. This includes firefighting equipment, exit and emergency lighting, first aid provisions and spill response equipment.

  1. Health risk management:

    Physical or mental health concerns are growing continually in our society. We have ageing workforces, inactive tasks and demanding work environments. ASI provide tailored Health and Wellbeing programs to your business which include the coordination of health promotion, health and fitness programs, mental health support services, and other counselling support services, to ensure that your workers are at their best.

  2. Return to work:

    Our certified Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators have experience across a wide variety of industries in returning injured workers to work and more importantly of keeping the return to work process on track. Liaising with all involved parties including management, workers, GPs, medical providers and claims agents we can assist from the time of the injury notification to the end of Return to Work process.

  3. Contractor safety management:

    ASI can manage contractor prequalification process and review contractor’s performance against their health and safety documentation and site requirements.