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Our certified Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators have experience across a number of industries of returning injured workers to work and more importantly of keeping the return to work process on track. Our Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators operate within the Return to Work SA scheme, and provide an outcomes focussed range of services. We:

  • Manage the injury notification and investigation process
  • Coordinate initial visits to the GP to obtain the Prescribed Medical Certificate (PMC)
  • Liaise with the Claims Agent and internal HR Managers to establish Alternative Duties
  • Prepare Return To Work plans which
    • set rehabilitation goals in consultation with the worker, managers and the medical provider
    • undertake return to work planning and monitoring
  • Continue to liaise with the GP and medical providers to ensure proper monitoring and adjustment of the RTW process
  • Monitor and assist managers and supervisors to implement RTW plans
  • Provide you with the policies, procedures and tools to better self-manage RTW
  • Assist you to source suitable interim replacement labour
  • Help you set up a preferred GP provider service.