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Identifying potential problems from uncontrolled or poorly controlled hazards, before they have an impact on safety and ensuring that workplace risks are eliminated or managed, is an essential component for compliance with Health and Safety Legislation.

ASI Safety regularly provides safety audit and inspection services to small, medium and large businesses across a range of industries. Our consultants (LINK) have a comprehensive working knowledge of the legislation and in particular the Regulations and Codes of Practice.

At ASI Safety we use the following five stage process to assure our clients of a high quality outcome

  • Initial Audit and Inspection of your work systems, methods and risk controls; appraise how you currently comply with legislation and provide you with an understanding of your duties and specific obligations.
  • Risk Assessment - Where safety issues are discovered we help you to assess the risk and prioritise your management actions
  • Audit Report provide you with a comprehensive and 'Plain English' report document.
  • Action Planning and Implementation - We will support you to develop and implement an improvement plan. This includes building better hazard management processes and improved workplace communication and consultative arrangements.
  • Monitor and Review - Regular reviews of timeframes, milestones and actions will ensure that controls are being implemented and that your compliance and safety performance is improving. This protects your employees and you investment in safety

Businesses with functioning Safety Management Systems can benefit from an independent ASI Safety audit that will identify key areas that must be improved or have additional controls put in place.

Our consultants can conduct safety audits and inspections in your workplace to identify specific hazards that present risk of injury to employees and others in the workplace. Our consultants have extensive experience in a range of industries and will provide you with an inspection report which includes a risk register itemising all identified hazards, risks and control measures required with an action plan. This will support your Safety Management System.

ASI Safety's Inspections include:

  • Workplace hazards
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Plant Safety and Guarding
  • Manual Handling
  • Physical and Biological Hazards
  • High Risk Hazards
  • Access & Egress
  • Fire Safety & Emergency
  • Confined Spaces
  • Working at Heights
  • Workplace consultative arrangements
  • Accident/incident/near miss investigations
  • Employee and Contractor Safety Performance